My first writing exercise in New Zealand was chronicling the haphazard drunken adventures of the friends I stumbled upon in Auckland within weeks of my arrival in 2005. Six years later, High White Sound eventuated: a noble tale about a girl who runs away from New York to live with a tribe of kids on an island at the end of the world. 

I now consider it an exercise in learning how to write and a tribute to those rare lifelong friends you recognise in an instant, more than a piece of literature that has made my name in any way. But enough people have asked about it, especially after a kid I interviewed for Columbia became class president and quoted it throughout his graduation speech in 2015, that I put it on Smashwords for free. Now you can download and read it on any phone, Kindle, Sony, iPad, reading tablet, etc., if you so please.  

The title was first lifted from the letters of Hunter S. Thompson; turns out he stole it off F. Scott Fitzgerald, who was his favourite writer, too. Serendipity.

It still needs a proper cover. I'm secretly hoping I can still one day convince Alec Bathgate of Tall Dwarfs to do it

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